Weed News: We aren’t afraid of an industry leading evaluation!

There’s a lot of different cannabinoid brands hitting smoke shop shelves or being sold over the internet..

In an industry lacking any real oversight, a lot of these brands in the market today are doing more harm to the cannabinoids industry than good.

And precisely why flörd™ cannabinoids sought out the experience of The American Canabinoid Association to put our brand through the so called “regulatory and quality ringer”!

The American Cannabinoid Association provides educational & legislative resources to members within the cannabis industry.

The ACA was founded with the intention of protecting the research, development, commerce and legislation pertaining to the Cannabis Industry. 

People from all over the United States have experienced the economic, cultural and scientific benefits from this movement.

“We service retailers, wholesalers, distributors, farmers, lab processors, lab testing facilities, law firms and law enforcement professionals.”

– AJ Fabrizio, ACA Partner

The American Cannabinoid Association allows the cannabis industry to embrace its momentum and fundamentally improve the quality of life enjoyed by millions of Americans across the country.

As of May 2023, our brand has undergone the necessary requirements to be acknowledged by The American Cannabinoids Association as one of the Premier Cannabinoid Brands in The United States!

“I couldn’t be more honored knowing we passed the rigorous requirements necessary to become a preferred brand of The American Cannabinoid Association”

– Ray White, CEO

To learn more about what The American Cannabinoid Association is doing in the cannabis industry or how to get in contact with a representative please visit their website at www.americancannabinoids.org

It’s good to see brands like flörd seeking accreditation through organizations like The American Cannabinoid Association – there needs to be more oversight like this in the cannabis industry!

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