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1 on 1 with the flörd CEO – Ray White

As a cannabis consumer, you deserve to know what’s happening with our brand and the market as a whole!

For the “other vape guys”, it’s been a race to bottom for them, trying to compete with an evolving market.

Here at flörd™, we’ve made it abundantly clear since day one – click to learn more!

Is weed the “new wine” for moms?

In recent years, there has been a new trend emerging amongst mothers here in The United States – the rise of “the weed mom”.

These are the mothers who’ve incorporated cannabis products into their everyday lives as a way to maintain, or decompress from the strenuous days of parenting…

Strain types – their effects & differences

Calling all cannabis enthusiasts or cannabis newbies – it’s time to talk strain types!

When talking cannabis there are three strain types: indica | sativa | hybrid

Each strain type has its own unique characteristics…

The flörd experience; unscripted tv exploring all things cannabis!

Join us every Wednesday as we take a cannabis-infused journey with our brand commentators and elevate your mind with the flörd™ experience video podcast!

Tune in to IGTV or other video mediums starting May 31, 2023, for a fun and informative dive into the wonderful world of cannabis culture.

Warning: Side effects may include increased laughter, creativity, and an insatiable craving for munchies.

Must be 21 & up and don’t say we didn’t warn you…