Sample Gummies

(16 customer reviews)

newest cannabinoid on the market might be the hardest to pronounce yet, but will get you flörd

  • 100% hexahydrocannabinol (HHC)
  • no medical card required
  • made in the United States

Sample Gummies

(16 customer reviews)

newest cannabinoid on the market might be the hardest to pronounce yet, but will get you flörd

  • 100% hexahydrocannabinol (HHC)
  • no medical card required
  • made in the United States


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our HHC gummy (2 pack) sample lets you get flördTM on our edibles first, before committing to a full pack!

there are a ton of great ways to get high, but it’s hard to beat getting lifted from eating gummies!

our 2 pack gummies are packed with a seriously powerful 50mg serving of hexahydrocannabinol

not only do our gummies taste wonderful, but you might find yourself really feeling them, our users claim that HHC is about 80% as potent as THC

what’s inside the gummy?

they’re clean, nothing nasty is used in our gummies zero artificial flavors, harmful dyes, or sweeteners!

organic cane sugar – only 2.9 grams

organic tapioca syrup – alternative to corn syrup

organic cannabis extract – the fun stuff

organic fruit – like berries, oranges & grape

organic mct oil – purified coconut oil

fruit pectin – plant-based alternative to gelatin

citric acid – found in citrus fruit

so what is HHC exactly?

it’s like the wallflower at a party, easily overlooked but full of surprising qualities. Originating from hemp plants, HHC tends to offer a more laid-back, mellow effect, which makes it the go-to choice for those seeking relaxation without the typical high!

HHC’s secret weapon? It’s federally legal in the United States. This legality, combined with its tranquil effects, has thrust HHC gummies into the limelight. These sweet treats, enjoyed by the seasoned and the newbies alike, are a discreet, enjoyable way to experience the calm HHC brings.

why would one use HHC?

HHC gummies, with their mellow vibe, are like a soft lullaby on a restless night. They imbue a sense of calm and relaxation, perfect for unwinding after a long day. The effects might not be instant, often kicking in within an hour, but when they do, it’s a gentle wave of tranquility washing over you.

don’t let the word ‘mellow’ fool you, though. HHC gummies pack their own kind of punch. Users often report a profound sense of well-being, a boon for anyone grappling with stress or anxiety. Remember the golden rule, though – start with a modest dose and gradually find your sweet spot.

source of our extracts?

the origin of the cannabis plays a pivotal role in determining the quality of our product. Like picking a ripe, juicy apple straight from an organic orchard, we wanted our cannabis to be sourced from non-GMO, organic farms. This ensures the final product is as pure and high-quality as can be.

Sleep better ease discomfort lower stress

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4 oz


3.34 x 3.14 in


Crimson Crush (Passionfruit)


2 ct


All deliveries are climate conscious


Same day shipping on all orders


Made in USA

16 reviews for Sample Gummies

  1. Aaron H.

    I am regular cannabis user and feel like it’s been adding to my anxiety lately. A friend put me on flörd gummies and I cannot tell you how much it’s changed my life. I take one gummy to relax and two if I’m looking to get high and go to sleep. Now give us more than a two pack!!!

  2. Dan Evans

    Have started to use the Flord Gummy at night to help me sleep. I will take 2 about an hour or so before I am ready for bed and I cannot tell you what a difference it has made in my life! I finally feel rested and not “hung over” in the morning

  3. Ann P

    These gummies have been a game changer. Instead of Alcohol at night, I have been taking 1 gummy to help me relax after my work day. It the perfect relaxing feeling without feeling high and doesnt have the calories of alcohol.

  4. Glen Dale

    Great Flavor! One gave me a very mellow relaxed feeling that felt great. Another bonus is that the effects are predictable which hasnt been the case with other brands. Highly recommend

  5. Sabrina G.

    These gummies are insanely delicious & potent!!

  6. Kyle Buchanan

    Compared to other smoke shop gummies these blow all other gummies out of the park

  7. Mason K

    Impressed with the potency of these gummies. Taste is pretty good too.

  8. Sherry K.

    These are the best tasting and most effecttive gummies I’ve tried!

  9. Taylor Propper

    So glad I tried these gummies, they taste great and get you high af!!!

  10. Herbert G.

    I’m glad they offer this option to try them first!

  11. David H

    I took both and it was a good, relaxing high.

  12. Kelsy K

    Just received my free gummies. First impression is that the look and packaging is very professional. Tried my first gummy last night and what an amazing feeling. Very mellow high/relaxed feeling.

  13. Jennifer Camero

    Highly recommend! These gummies taste great and work exactly as expected.

  14. Cynthia

    Usually just a vape person but decided to try the gummy sample. Glad I did, a nice way to mix it up and the flavor was nice.

  15. Cameron Rivers

    Fruity gummies – let me unwind with a mellow buzz.

  16. Kristin P

    Really good gummies!

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