Is weed the “new wine” for moms?

In recent years, there has been a new trend emerging amongst mothers here in The United States – the rise of “the weed mom”.

These are the mothers who’ve incorporated cannabis products into their everyday lives as a way to maintain, or decompress from the strenuous days of parenting.

Luckily the way to federal legalization was paved by the 2018 Farm Bill and aligned with cannabis extracting science in 2022, allowing brands like flördTM cannabinoids the possibility to produce and sell products the consumer can actually feel.

Accessibility to legal premium cannabis products are precisely why weed moms are replacing the traditional “wine mom” archetype, as more and more mothers turn to cannabis versus that glass of wine.

Wine moms use to be the societal norm, but weed moms are rising up to challenge this & develop a new norm for presenting the best version of themselves to the world!

The medicinal properties of cannabis have been well documented around the world – from helping to manage stress levels, to providing instant anxiety relief and of course treating insomnia.

The use of cannabis or their infused products generally enhances the feeling of well-being for their users and precisely why moms across The United States are saying neigh that bottle of Chardonnay!

If you’re new to cannabis or interested in finding out what all the “weed mom hype” is about, we’ve made it easy to sample our 100% LEGAL cannabis two piece gummies!

While cannabis has proven to be a healthier alternative to wine, destigmatizing its daily use is a must!

As a mother of three children under 6, i didn’t think there was a solution better than wine lol until o tried flord gummies – they really work!!

Thank you for this! Just because I smoke does not make me a bad mom, no hangovers and completely present for my kids.

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