1 on 1 with the flörd™ CEO

As a cannabis consumer, you deserve to know what’s happening with our brand and the market as a whole!

For the “other vape guys”, it’s been a race to bottom for them, trying to compete with an evolving market.

Here at flördTM, we’ve made it abundantly clear since launching the brand that we will never skimp on production quality – from our extracts to the hardware we use, our premium quality shows!

our disposable vapes are self actuating, draw from the mouthpiece for a hit as big as you can handle

Not just any vape hardware would do, a strong visual statement needed to made – one with functionality.

When choosing our hardware manufacturer the choice was easy and why we only use cilicon + hardware.

In doing so we are able to offer our consumer a vape equipped with the Matrexceramic heating system.

Using with the highest quality ceramics & medical grade stainless steel (316L) results in extraordinary atomizing performance offering higher flavor reducibility without the potential risks of heavy metal precipitation – in short our vapes use the industries best coil!

“Being a true cannabis connoisseur, I wanted to ensure our vapes would resonate with the real stoner seeking quality…here’s my top 3 products”

– Ray White, CEO

Really appreciate someone coming into the industry and wanting to put a product of value out there instead of just something cheap that can make them money. Bravo sir!

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