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Your shop ready for new package rules?

A new recently enforced law targeting the packaging of hemp products was introduced with more stringent standards as of July 1st, 2023. Ensuring compliance with these ever evolving regulations is crucial for businesses to avoid potential legal issues – this article we’ll explore the importance of staying informed about changing laws. The rapid development of …

1 on 1 with the flörd™ CEO

As a cannabis consumer, you deserve to know what’s happening with our brand and the market as a whole!

For the “other vape guys”, it’s been a race to bottom for them, trying to compete with an evolving market.

Here at flörd™, we’ve made it abundantly clear since day one – click to learn more!

Is weed the “new wine” for moms?

In recent years, there has been a new trend emerging amongst mothers here in The United States – the rise of “the weed mom”.

These are the mothers who’ve incorporated cannabis products into their everyday lives as a way to maintain, or decompress from the strenuous days of parenting…

Strain types – their effects & differences

Calling all cannabis enthusiasts or cannabis newbies – it’s time to talk strain types!

When talking cannabis there are three strain types: indica | sativa | hybrid

Each strain type has its own unique characteristics…

Bring on the industry leading evaluations!

There’s a lot of different cannabinoid brands hitting smoke shop shelves or being sold over the internet.

And in an industry lacking any real oversight, a lot of these brands in the market today are doing more harm to the cannabinoids industry than good…